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Regulations, disclaimer and release from liability

L’Étape SWITZERLAND by Tour de France



[Event regulations, with waiver and release of liability].

Read this document carefully before signing it as it has direct legal consequences with regard to your rights and possibilities of bringing actions or enforcing claims against the organiser.


Organizer: Organizer from „L’étape Switzerland by Tour de France 2021”

is G.U.S. Productions AG, Oeleweg 5, CH-3176 Neuenegg;

the organizer has the necessary license rights


Event regulations

1.     Eligibility: Road cyclists born before 12 September 2005 (16 and over) may take part.

Neither a licence nor a club membership is required to start.


2.     Important rules

  • Helmets must be worn without exception.
  • No items of any kind may be discarded outside of the marked areas in the feed zones.
  • Attention must be paid to traffic travelling in the same and opposite direction at all times.
  • At level crossings wait from the moment the red lights start to flash until they stop. No time will be credited (exception:      Gürbetal in Kirchenthurnen level crossing).
  • The use of headphones/earbuds or radios (i.e. walkie-talkies) is not permitted during the race.
  • The organiser reserves the right to abandon or not start the event at any time and without giving reasons.
  • Personnel along the route and race marshals shall ensure that the regulations are complied with. Breaches shall be reported to the organiser and jury who can hand out disqualifications and impose time penalties, in particular in the case of:
  • Non-compliance with road traffic regulations as per marshals’ instructions
  • Pollution/littering
  • Non-compliance with the regulations
  • Unsportsmanlike behaviour
  • Technically defective equipment
  • Doping


3.    No traffic on the route in the first 30 minutes behind the leading group

From the start, the route will be closed to all traffic for around 30 minutes.

The organisers will endeavour to keep motorised traffic away from the route and to signpost diversions for road users.

The race can be carried out on largely secured streets; however, the route is not completely cordoned off. Oncoming traffic and accompanying vehicles will need to be taken into account at all times. The organiser accepts no liability.


4.    No traffic on the route after the first 30 minutes behind the leading group

Around 30 minutes behind the leading group, a labelled vehicle from the cantonal police will signal to each racer that traffic must now be taken into account on the route. Each racer who is overtaken by this vehicle will cycle with traffic. From this moment, the Swiss Road Traffic Act shall apply at all times. The organisers remain keen to keep motorised traffic away from the route and to signpost diversions for road users. However, oncoming traffic and accompanying vehicles still need to be taken into account here at all times. The organiser accepts no liability.

Route closing times/broom wagons

Those who are still racing after the published route closing times (broom wagons) will no longer be participants in the event and will need to hand in their race number at the check points/broom wagons. They will then no longer be able to benefit from the comprehensive services provided by the event such as repairs, catering and security along the route.


5.    Ranking/timing:

There will be a neutralised start with a pace car. This car containing the race organisers must not be overtaken.

Timing begins from the point indicated as the “official start” (currently planned after Köniz). The designated route must not be departed from. Control posts are set up along the route.

The individual net time taken from the official start to the finish is measured.

Participants must follow the official route at all times, adhere to marshals’ instructions and must not take any shortcuts or gain themselves other similar advantages over the other participants.


The rider is responsible for following the official route.

The following rankings are published:


  •  Overall position men & women
  •   Women/Men up to and including 39 years
  •   Masters Women/Masters Men 40 – 49 years.
  •   Grand Masters Women/Grand Masters Men 50 – 59 years.
  •   Senior Masters Women/Senior Masters Men 60+ years.


Team ranking: A minimum of four riders with the same team name (must be entered in the online registration) are ranked as a team.

Victory ceremony: The top three riders in each designated age category and the top three teams will be invited onto the podium.


6.    Abandoning/retirement from the race/transportation

No delayed starts are permitted.

If you abandon the race, you don't have to report this specifically. In the results list the passing of the last control point will be shown as “DNF” (did not finish).

The organiser will arrange limited transportation to the finish. However, a place in these vehicles is not guaranteed (cf. bus timetable).

The organiser does not accept any liability for damage to racing bicycles and accompanying equipment transported in the broom wagon.


7.   Accident/use of ambulances/emergency medical services

Several ambulances are deployed for the event. Intervention by our emergency medical teams, public ambulances or specially commissioned emergency services are at the participant’s expense.


8.    Feed zones/litter

Several feed zones are situated along the route with products for the participants. The exact locations can be found in the information for participants.

Water bottles and other objects may only be discarded in the indicated areas shortly before and after the feeding zone. Anyone discarding litter outside these areas will be disqualified and barred from starting a race for two years.


9.   Repair service

Several self-repair zones and mechanics are situated along the route.

The exact locations can be found in the information for participants.

There is a charge for consumables and replacement parts.


10.  Private support vehicles

Participants may not be accompanied by private support vehicles.

Support vehicles must use the routes indicated.


11.  Protest and jury

All participants have the right to submit a protest to the race office in the event of a breach of rules by other participants or against a decision by the race organisers up to an hour after the end of the race and to call witnesses. A jury consisting of three members (race director, organisation director, head of time keeping) will discuss the protest without delay and make a decision before the victory ceremony. The fee for a protest is CHF 100. If the protest is rejected the organiser retains the fee.



Waiver and release from liability


Agreement regarding release from liability and waiver of liability in connection with participation in L’Étape Switzerland and assumption of risks and granting of release.


Read this document carefully before signing it as it has direct legal consequences with regard to your rights and possibilities of bringing actions or enforcing claims against the organiser.


1.    By paying the entry fee or a part thereof I confirm my participation in the event and assume responsibility for all risks arising from this.

I am responsible for ensuring that I am physically fit, have trained and am in a sufficient state of health to take part in L’Étape Switzerland and have ideally had this confirmed by a doctor before the event.

I am aware that participation entails risks and in extreme cases can lead to damage to health or physical injuries, permanent disability or death.


2.    I bear responsibility for the condition of the equipment I use in the competition.

My bicycle meets the statutory requirements applicable in Switzerland for riding on public roads. I shall wear a helmet at all times while riding (we recommend it meets the requirements of EN 1078 as a minimum).

My bicycle is equipped with a white front light and a rear red light as well as a forward-facing and rear-facing reflector (Art. 216 of the Ordinance on the Technical Requirements for Road Vehicles (RVTRO) and Art. 217 RVTRO).


3.     Liability exclusion:  I waiver any claims, liabilities, damages, compensation for loss and causes of action (including court, lawyers’ and legal costs) that may arise in connection with my participation in L’Étape Switzerland.

I confirm that I assume the risks in the following non-exhaustive list: accidents and risks due to collision with vehicles, pedestrians, other participants, volunteers, spectators, third parties or fixed objects, as well as as a result of the effects of material and technical issues or weather.


4.    Participants are responsible for insurance. I confirm that I have adequate insurance to cover any costs arising from medical treatment, first aid, transport, repatriation, hospitalisation, liability etc.

I hereby agree to make use of medical care that is thought advisable in the event of an injury, accident or illness during the event. I hereby permit the event’s medical services or public medical services to perform any necessary medical treatment. I assume responsibility and liability for all costs that arise in connection with training and/or participation in the event, including costs of ambulances, hospitalisation, medical care and treatment as well as doctors’ and pharmaceutical services.


5.    The Swiss Road Traffic Act applies at all times.

I am aware that L’Étape Switzerland takes place on public roads that are not closed off. Rules such as not riding over line markings or unbroken lines, stopping at relevant signals or granting right of way to authorised road users must be abided by. In addition, the bicycle must have lights (pursuant to Art. 30 of the Traffic Regulations Ordinance), see point 3. Any wrongdoing will result in the participant being disqualified and excluded from the next two events.



7.   I do not use any banned substances, methods or technology (namely no electric pedal assistance) during training or when taking part in L’Étape Switzerland.

No stimulants, painkillers or doping substances and methods are used!

The organiser, Antidoping Switzerland or third parties may also perform drugs tests on recreational riders. By registering for L’Étape Switzerland I shall be subject to the Swiss Olympic anti-doping rules and recognise the exclusive jurisdiction of the Swiss Olympic disciplinary commission for doping cases as well as of the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne to the exclusion of ordinary courts. This regulation also applies to participants from outside Switzerland. Persons with a valid national or international doping ban are not permitted on the start line of L’Étape Switzerland. This also applies to bans in other sports.


8.        I consent to the use of my name, images of me, my voice and/or my picture for the illustration of publications, web pages, media reports, videos, webcasts and other PR purposes in connection with L’Étape Switzerland (organiser, sponsors and partners).

I consent to the publication of my name, place of residence and age group in the official start/results lists in print and electronic form.

I hereby agree that my address details may be used to send information and services in connection with the event.

They will not be passed on to third parties outside of the event organisation. However, the data will be used to provide extensive participant services such as rankings on the Internet, text service, photo service, etc.


9.    I hereby agree that the organiser may decide at its sole discretion to postpone or cancel the event if it does not deem it viable or considers the conditions on the day of the event to be too dangerous.

In the case that the event is cancelled or postponed for whatever reason, including force majeure, natural disasters and any other circumstances, the registration fee and other costs that arose in connection with the event will not be refunded by the organiser or its partners.


10.   I am aware of the fact that the organiser reserves the right to refuse participation in the event, revoke a participant’s application at any time and/or disqualify a person from the event at its sole discretion without giving reasons.

The participant expressly waivers any claims in connection with his/her participation being refused or application revoked above the amount of the registration fee.


11.   The place of jurisdiction is Bern (Switzerland). Swiss law is applicable.

If one of the provisions of this agreement is adjudged to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable for whatever reason, this provision shall be deemed to be severable from the rest of this agreement and have no effect whatsoever on the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this agreement.




Bern, März 2021